Our Services

forma is dedicated to providing comprehensive, culturally-sensitive clinical services to women and families affected by female genital cutting in the Chicago area. forma is also committed to providing education around the harmful physical and psychological implications for women who have been cut. Together, our dedicated team of contributors and affiliate organizations are prepared to provide wrap-around services, cultivate awareness, and support healing for FGC-affected populations. We also serve as an information hub, connecting FGC service providers nationwide.

Who do we serve?


We provide individual and group counseling to women who have been cut. Our approaches to healing are as diverse as the women we serve. Our therapists provide a safe space to address poor health and mental health symptoms, share trauma stories, and cultivate strategies that promote resilience, strength and hope.

We also provide comprehensive pregnancy support services coordinated by a certified nurse midwife. forma also provides education seminars to support women as they adjust to life in a new country.

forma also provides education seminars to support women as they adjust to life in a new country.


We provide individual and group counseling to spouses and relatives who have family members affected by female genital cutting. Our licensed clinicians provide strengths-based approaches to engaging participants in support of healing and strengthening families.


We provide individual counseling to children ages 5-18 who have been cut or have been exposed to the practice within their families. Counseling modalities range from play therapy to individual work with adolescents.

forma also provides education tutoring services to support children age 5-18 years attending school.


forma is dedicated to creating awareness around the practice of female genital cutting and the psychological damage it causes to women and their families. forma’s contributors provide psychoeducation seminars in the community to FGC-affected populations, medical and mental health professionals, and university programs in social work, public health, gender studies, and other human service disciplines.

What Services do we provide?

Supportive Services Referral Services Community Services
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Family counseling
  • Couples counseling
  • Play therapy for children
  • Pregnancy support groups
  • Psychiatric services
  • Medical case management
  • Education supports for youth and adults

forma is connected to a strong network of social service providers in Chicago. We can provide referrals for the following:

  • PCP and OB/GYN professionals
  • CountyCare programs
  • SNAP Benefits
  • TANF
  • Medicaid
  • All Kids Health Care
  • WIC
  • SSI Disability

forma hosts:

  • Education Seminars
  • Awareness and advocacy events
  • Family and cultural events

Our Services

What does the forma Counseling services involve?

The counseling services at forma will be tailored to meet each individual and family’s needs. Our team of trained clinicians use a variety of evidence-based strategies to promote healing and wellness through supportive conversation and active problem-solving. The frequency of counseling sessions will be determined by the client and counselor together, but there is no explicit limit to the number of sessions allocated for each participant. forma clinicians respect the process of healing and are committed to ongoing services for FGC-affected populations.

What does the forma Pregnancy Support Group involve?

Recognizing the immediate reproductive needs of pregnant and planning refugee women in Chicago who have been affected by fgc, forma has connected with a local Certified Nurse Midwife, Stephanie Tillman, to facilitate a pregnancy support group. This group will create a forum women to discuss issues specific to their lives, particularly around fgc and reproductive healthcare. Women and families have already been in contact with forma expressing a desire for this service, and forma is honored to provide this service in conjunction with, and connected to, mental health care service.

The pregnancy support group will meet once to twice monthly, based on the needs expressed by the women themselves. Topics to be covered on a rotating basis including:

  • Provider referral care for obstetric and gynecological care
  • Warning signs and emergency services
  • Prenatal, postpartum, and gynecologic care importance
  • Disclosure of fgc status to providers
  • Connection to birth places with interpreter services
  • Doula birth support networks

What does the forma Education services involve?

The education services at forma are provided to help stabilize families with access to information and support. The Youth education services includes after-school tutoring for students ages 5-18 years while their parents receive counseling services. The Adult education services are held twice week and cover a variety of psychoeducation topics including stress management, navigating the healthcare system, understanding your finances, and supporting child development. Our team of trained clinicians provide content and supports to all family members in a safe space for learning and growing.


How much do counseling services cost?

Counseling services are based on a sliding fee scale. Total costs are dependent on client income and circumstance. We accept insurance including PPO, HMO, and Medicaid patients.

How much do pregnancy support services cost?

The pregnancy support groups and related referrals are provided at no cost to forma clients.

How much do referral services costs?

Referrals for other health and social service benefits are provided at no cost to forma clients.

How much do education services costs?

Education services for youth clients (age 5-18 years) cost $60/month (8 sessions). Education services for adult clients cost $50/month (8 sessions).

Additional Questions

What if I am not in the Chicago area and am in need of counseling or pregnancy support services?

Please contact us via phone or email. Our staff will provide a referral to professionals experienced in serving FGC-affected populations in your area (if available). You can also communicate your experiences via our web platform or you may join our online forma Community for additional support.